Delicious Traffic Lights


It was a devastating blow for me, and for all of us. I have come to this type of temptation, and my battle has battled me. I realized that I could not fight this injustice any longer.

Why does it always appeal to me, that I have always thought of trying out a cherry pie? Perhaps, a delicious sweet tasting red apple would be more pleasing. I can always taste a banana in it's yellow sleeved coat. An apple pie or a yellow candy. Sweet tasting lemonade with no pulp was a very tempting for me. And I love the way I get to try a minty green gum to freshed my breath.

Yes, all of us were victims of these foods. And I blamed the people who made the traffic lights so damn bright. Yes! This is all their fault! If they had not made the red light more brighter; I wouldn't be sitting here thinking of a delicious CHERRY PIE!!!

The End

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