Deliberate Creation

Growing, blooming, day by day
In the light
And in the night
What is to come is unknown
All that I know is what I’ve been shown
Trusted and tasted all that I can
What is to become to the life of man

The human soul and its fate
Too much to contemplate

Truth and knowing becomes who I am
A life of understanding
A life of demanding
Challenging me and all that I’ve become
Comparing every aspect makes me numb
There’s so much contrast in this world
Tempting my thoughts to come unfurled

It will always be this way 
And this, I am happy to say

Here I am, playful and frisky
Ready for whatever
Excited to be clever
Alongside the moon or the sun
I know this can be won
Uniqueness is the ultimate goal
And that is all I intend to show

The End

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