I'm feeling quite Wilde today. You could consider this, a preface to Christabel Mordsa

The artist, in his magnificence creates art

Art is defined by the creator, given to the reader, and then transmogrified

Transmogrification changes something to another thing

Change is feared, even hated

Hatred makes the world go around, just like love

Love is a counterbalance

Counterbalances always keep the world in order

Order is a goal we cannot reach

If it is a goal we cannot reach, we become complacent

Complacency leads to a lack of freedom when the higher ups gain too much power via the lack of goals and counterbalances.

A lack of freedom leads to slavery to the ones who have the power

Power is given to the artist who creates art in whatever form that is considered useful by the masses

Thus, art is defined by the masses

If so

All art is quite useless

The End

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