Defeated Summer

The birds have silenced, the heavens are light grey,

And the atmosphere is full of a nothingness

The earth has failed, the sea has frozen,

And our limbs are dead

The hidden stream has lost its heart

The sparrow with its broken wing,

Sits on the left antler of the fallen king of the birch forest

And here stands I, under the last olden oak

Watching the wind sweeping away the leaves

"Let them all die, for the tide will never come again"


The bird is sitting on the left antler

Of the fallen king of the birch forest

He rests beside the hidden stream deep in the woods

He's drowning... The bird broke its wing when she tried to save her king

The leaves are now fallen, rotten they lie in the ash

The ash of her body

You are alone now, my friend

Grey and cold is the mantle

As our old oak, who's standing guard for us in the field

The smoke, gently touching and sipping through the ravens coat

The End

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