A feeble attempt by myself to portray my feelings at the end of a bad day!

Hiding my tears

Hiding my sadness.

I try to fight

I try to survive.

Each day brings new sufferings

that pierces my wounded heart.

It's like a bloody battlefield 

If you take a glimpse into my soul.

Everyday everyone is a big disappointment

Every dream, every hope lies defeated.

Every joy, every happiness is scattered around

like ruined or destroyed castles

It was built with so much of care.

There is no one around.

Why is there no one around?

Is it destiny or is it fate

Playing these horrible jokes on me.

Leaving me defeated each day

Alone and helpless

Crying out but there's still no one around.

I can't bear it anymore

I think I'm falling apart.

My heart is ripped, bloody and sore

I think it's time

I breath my last.

The End

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