Deeper Meaning

People see what their minds allow

            The brain commands the head to bow

The eyes of many glare at just skin

            That’s where all the troubles really begin

They see just a surface of flesh and of hair

            But once in a while someone will actually stare

They stare down deep into ones true core

            Understanding everything from head to the floor

They see the deeper meaning of the slouching stance

            And finer truth of what is seen at first glance

The inside is what gives character to man

            And what a movie star projects to a fan

The feelings involved in everyday life

            Can be shoved down deeper than a well tipped knife

The emotions that hide from the simple of mind

            Make it a point that only the worthy can find

The connections we make are all out of choice

            But the truest of thoughts cannot muster a voice

The silence of emotions can put one at wits end

            And the lack of expression can make a good mind bend

The love or the hate that make up this Earth

            Are all block out by the time of the birth

The sounds that force to make their escape

            Come out in grunts that resemble an ape

Never made audible in any real language

            Still remain unheard underneath all of the damage

Unheard under the plants that grow over a tomb

            Where all silence intensifies into a dark gloom

The words unsaid are still less in affect

            Than the three that really reflect

The three that sum up all that should have been said

            The three that have meaning before one is dead

“I love you” are words that ring in the heart

            That turns living from survival into an art

An art that has purpose rather than need

            An art that gives us hope rather than make us bleed

All I ask is for you to gaze with a more focus stare

            And tell me what you see when you finally get there

The End

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