Written through the perspective of someone else.

You’re falling apart but you want to drag me down
I needed to leave but you wanted me to stay
You hurt me but you won’t ever take the responsibility
now I’m doing my best just to make it through the day

You have your life
and I have mine
So why you want me
to face my decline?

Yes there were good times but that’s all in the past
now when I see you, I only wish to be alone
Everyone is sympathetic but you should remember
I don’t want to be the one you wish to atone

I don’t owe you anything
why can’t you just let it go?
I have everything I need
to just let it all go

 You hit the bottle too hard but you were clear enough
so why do you only ever talk about what upsets you?
Never mind me, and how I had gotten over the pain
You’d rather live in a lie than to face what is true

The End

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