This might be one of my most interesting poems. Written entirely from my thoughts.

Welcome to the world where nothing is free

When you drink the poison that’s easy to see

I’m not afraid of the system the creators create

Because living my own life is greater than accepting the hate


I don’t really know how to accept death

When everything falls down, the illuminated go on sprees

And kill our lives so we feel like we have liberty

If that’s fucking life then I don’t want to be


I don’t live in a world that needs to be served by me

The world’s a microcosm that’s interconnected

But look deeper, the devil’s in details

Great job, kill you next to serve me

Embrace the new age

Forget the New Order

Embrace the inner order


For you to be free, just go against established society

If you agree then just follow me.     

The End

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