This was inspired by my reading of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and mostly his description of how artists can use God as something metaphorical rather than an actual being.

The lights, the glory, the sacred love of life,
Insects, intelligence, the solving of strife,
All inspire me to rather religious life,
But a deeply religious non-believer I am.

The moss on birch tree bark, the beauty in the dark,
The clouds and the air, the sunrises stark and fair,
The mark that human life creates, a mark extraordinaire!
Leave me convinced, that sparkly, loving God, was simply never there.

What is this glorious heaven? What is this stark hell?
A corrupting attempt at a social bend?
Pitting us against ourselves, that damned religious spell
He's racist, evil, masochistic, that imaginary friend...

So am I now condemned to infinite suffrage,
In my non-existent afterlife?
By making a choice, I will always die with
Your prescribed eternal strife.

Oh God, why were you never there?
Did not my endless prayers compare,
To the ones your sacred son did share,
With the disciples while they listened there?

I am aware that I am completely capable
To make a choice that others wouldn't dare.
So to all that will listen, I boldly declare:
A deeply religious non-believer I am.

The End

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