A love poem I greatly enjoyed writing.

What’s happening? What’s happening?

I’m changed, I’m new,

I only care about one thing being true -

that I’m truly sitting here,     

sitting with you               


Nothing else matters, nothing else is,

when the breeze blows playfully and catches my hair

then you catch it back and you’re tucking it... wow...

behind my ear... Awe


at the feeling, sensation so strong,

that nothing else matters, since nothing is wrong

And the flight of my hair

meant the flight of my love

and the leap of my heart      

as I knew you’d be there

to catch it and care and


cradle it softly, like you hold very gently,

the source of my love. You stole it, my heart,

but I don’t want it back. As long as you have it,

and keep it to treasure, I feel nothing else but

formidable pleasure.

This is not merely some wondrous sensation,

for my heart’s beating out a grand declaration

To feel it’s to say it, to shout it out loud!

I’ve fallen for you                    

and I wish for a crowd

in front of whom I can release this elation

in case I explode,

since if I exploded, I’d need no abode

and my abode is you and I do need you


I want to be with you.

Home’s where the heart is,

and boy, you’re a mansion!

A luxury, an expansion

on wildest desires and fantasies dreamed

but you’re so much better: life is as it seems


I want you to know that my heart is now yours

and my love for you just seeps out my pores

My life, like the Earth, is revolving,

evolving to orbit my sun,

since you are my sun -

I’d die without you...    


Serious intensity flows through our deep passion

and my life’s the model which you choose to fashion

The End

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