Decision Time

A poem I wrote... I really do need help with a choice, I don't know if I should follow my head or my heart?

There is a decision I have to make

But I don't know which choice to take

Do I choose to follow my heart or my head

If I make the wrong choice my friendship is dead

If my friendship dies I will feel so depressed

And wont want to do anything other than rest

If the right choice is the choice I choose

I know that my hopes I can not lose

I can not lose the hopes I have kept

That I made when my heart lept

But I do not know what is best for you

For you ask of me one thing and another you do

A memory you re-lived because of me

Has haunted you and now I see

That my head tells me to stay away

But to follow my heart would be to say

That if you still want me as your friend

You should show me your hand you will lend

For I will need your help as you will need mine

So our friendship will be mended with time

The End

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