Deceiving Smiles

She says everyday

'I'm doing perfectly fine'

But she lies unwillingly  

Over and over again.


Fake smiles she gave

Walls connecting the mask

She wore each time

She thought she'd fall.


Beyond the thin veil

Of charms and deceit

Within her lay

Her true identity


Never showing

Who she truly was

In fear of plunging

Wingless from the top


They would've helped

But they didn't know

The truth past that smile

She hid behind.


Deceiving laughs

Forcing happiness

She cried inside

And found no release.


And now she's gone

Left without a word

But thin air

And memories.


Maybe if they'd known

Of the temptation she'd given herself to

Maybe if they'd seen

The scars that blanketed her arms


They could've changed her life

But she'd lost herself

And won't return

Ever again.


A simple smile

Withholding secrets

Inside of her

She died.


The End

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