Deceiving Hope

She doesn't know what to say

your words are just a bit of poison

have you come to taunt her with your love

or do you truly mean the best to her heart?

Will you draw her in

to make her fall so you can catch her?

Or will you lure her into your domain

so you can torture her soul?

You hope, you say...

she had a taste of hope

the bitter two-edged sword

that cut her heart into two

leaving her bleeding in the open moonlight

left to weep over her destroyed innocence

as he walked away, a sinister grin on his lips

smothering her heart under his feet...

but you came along as she picks up the pieces

and stoop to help her heal

you gathered her in your arms

to take her home

now you stand there

with her broken heart in your hands

she faces you with wide terrified eyes

questioning your mysterious motives.

The hope that she lives for

she just might die by

the twisted irony

of a thorned rose

The End

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