angels of deathMature

Death's angels have kissed your breath And now, you must let go the last few drops of tears Uttering the final full stop to your life... ADIEU!!!!!!!! my happy dreams... I am leaving you empty for, now I too am loosing Every drop of invisible magic that poured From , the lips of my life to the heart of truth Breathing fearlessly and burning formidably within, The last sight of my soul... I am leaving earth On the ship of my soul's rebirth, To the astral world And now no earthly force can stop me And my divine dreams....Now I don't need motherly comforts, Or unceasing securities of love, But, the last weapon that will decorate my soul shall be found, In the depths of my undying spiritual fire.... " FROM GREAT , UNSUPPRESSABLE, DEPRESSIONS ECHOING IN THE HUMAN SOUL COMES, GREAT GOD-REVEALING THOUGHT...."
The End

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