Death Stories

11 years old, I stand

Staring at this crowd.

Staring before I make my way

To try on a merciful crown.

What will it say? What's in store,

Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Gryffindor

My own special house with my own special friends

Friends who'll keep fighting for me 'till the end

I know their History

I know their plights

I know the houses that put up a fight.

The feud against Slytherin 

The swarm of the Ravens,

The boasts of the Gryffins

And Huffle's Simpletons.

No house here is mine, 

Not truly, anyway

I don't want to be marked 

With a label in this way.

So under a thinking hat I sit

He ponders and he groans

And nervously I wait for the verdict 

From its lips to moan.

My palms are slick,

My legs are slack

Which direction is which way?

His choice is made,

His voice that cracks,

Another Slythers at

Hogwarts today.

I close my eyes and fall off the seat

Joining the other friends

I hope I'll keep.

My long blonde hair 

Streams behind me

The other houses

Pass judgements I see.

They judge with their eyes

"There's not a Slither to trust!"

I try not to let them hurt me,

I know that I must

Let it bounce right off

My thick pale skin.

My green eyes burn

With the hurt within.

Over 6 years I tried

To make them love me

The Hufflepuffs frowned

And the Gryffs don't see me.

Over time I stopped trying

To love those that loathed,

Hate me for no reason

Other than the colours on my clothes.

Then this boy came to me

With dark hair round his head

Black as night, and then he said:

"There's a family that wants you, Alice

A family that cares.

The death-eaters are recruiting, Alice.

We need you in our prayers."

He held out his hand

And I took it in mine

This family he spoke of

Was truer than time.


I close my eyes at Avada Kedavra

Internally scream as I pull the plug

Such true life taken from my victims

Like the life that's been taken from us.

You told me I was useless

For being a Slytherin

What did you expect

When the death eaters let me in?

The End

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