Death of a marriage

The marriage was on the rocks
That he very much knew
They hadn't spoken a civil word
For anything said misconstrued!

Terms of endearment long forgotten
Animal epithets was all they used
Only passion remaining came from fights
One wondered why they put up with abuse?

The why and how’s provided no clues
Instead more questions it actually raised
and into arguments they turned into
leaving each another quite enraged

Frustrations grew within kith and kin
imploring The pair deciding to separate
Into the courtroom extended their fight
and to let the law decide their fate

What God might have joined together
the angry couple has put asunder
Creating such two bitter halves
the almighty’s one and only blunder

The couple legally driven apart
now so happily drift away
Some may take a few lessons learned
while some in a few hours go astray

The End

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