The Family

I stayed there for the family, to tell them what had been.

They cried and shook and dared to look,

When I told them what I'd seen.

"The doctors say it was a car, but there was no one there. 

They must have left, drove on by; I guess they didn't care."


"Perhaps she ran after her ball,"  I tried to ease their pain.

"It's no one's fault,  you should know.  From blame, you will not gain."

There was nothing more that I could say; I felt just one inch tall.

And so I turned, left them there and walked back down the hall.


They thanked me for my courage, although I have to wonder why;

I did what any neighbour would; it was no time for shy.

I couldn't help but wonder, as I walked beyond the door,

If I had been just minutes sooner, would things be so poor?

The End

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