Here I am, with the killer, face to face

His dastardly deed epitomizing the evil of human race.


Here he is, at my mercy, hands and legs tied behind his back

Gun in my hand, I yell at him, Talk!


His eyes revealing guilt, shame, anger and fear

Do I detect in the corner of his eye a drop of tear?


Why, I ask him – did he have any heart at all?

He hangs his head in shame, avoiding my eyes and staring at the wall.


I think of the little angel whose life was so cruelly cut short

And her mother whose depth of agony I cannot begin to fathom.


Tightening the grip with my finger

I resist the uncontrollable urge to pull the trigger.


An eye for an eye makes the world go blind

But isn’t turning the other cheek on such a cruel act out of your mind?


My blood boils as I want to finish this monster with the gun armed and ready

When I hear a sweet little voice from behind crying, Daddy!

The End

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