Death And Fairies

A little like Elorithryn's "In Support Of Vervell", this is to support the novel/trilogy that I'm currently editing/writing - Watching, Book One of the Death and Fairies Trilogy is the only one currently on paper, but there we go.

Update - I just started writing Listening, which is Book Two. I'm currently about 1.5k into it, so don't really know where it's going right now, but it's going to be fun developing Alys, Leah and Cormac as characters, not to mention the Dagda and of course, my beautiful new lead, Ruth!

Anyway, throughout the book(s) I (will) have used various poems and song lyrics. Originally I was going to use genuine songs - I think I had a couple from My Chemical Romance - but the copyright issues were too complicated for me if I ever wanted to think about publishing.

So, instead, I've written a few songs/ballads/poems etc to use the lyrics. I'll post them here, since in the novel I'll only quote a line or two, and you might be interested to see the rest ;)

The End

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