Death lurked around the corner
watching the family crowd round
He heard the gentle whispers
And the broken sobbing sounds.

He watched the beep of the monitor
and her hands clutch at theirs desperately.
and he watched the nods and the turned away eyes
and he knew they could sense he was there.

Death wondered through her past and her memories
and saw the woman that he once was
Of stubborn mind and steel bones
and a will that never would break.

But Death didn’t see that woman now
He saw a shadow, a life no longer a life
and he knew in his heart- for Death did have a heart-
That this woman would want to take his hand.

So he watched and he waited
and he heard her mumbled words
the ‘I love you I love you I love you’
and he heard the family whisper it back.

And he stepped from the shadow
to the side of the bed
and he greeted her like a friend long lost. 

The End

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