Dearie Friend

This is a poem I made for my dearest friend, Aldis Asakura, on her 18th birthday last July 22, 2011. We're internet friends for almost 4 years already and though we have not met each other in personal, we have the bond of friendship which no one else could have had. She's currently staying somewhere in northernmost Luzon.

This poem is not merely obligatory. I made this with feelings. Pure love for a dear friend.

How glad I am,
How great indeed,
This in life to have thou as friend.
Exactly how…shall I impart this warmth to thee?

O’ alas, more’s the pity
Ocean, cosmic ocean, aye separates us,
then land is vast, so I, poor I,
look upon the sky, “Thou may be far,
while me is here, let us be reminded,
I see the same such lovely sky,
the sky that you always see.”

Oh such dearie,
such friendly friend, I shall make this clear to you:
“By mine eyes and by mine ears I swear,
to you my care will never die,
to you my love will never end.
My friend, my dearest friend.”

Hence, my dearie friend,
hearken as I say,
“Friendship lasts forever.”
Shall it comes to you and me.

The End

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