Dearest Love

Dearest Love:

So far apart, yet so close.
This connection can never be broken.
I feel your warmth next to me.
I feel your smile as you look at me.
You lean in for a kiss,
So close,
Yet so far.
Miles apart.
Yet were right next to each other.
Your arms wrap around me,
You rest your head on my shoulder.
You’re with me forever,
Only forever has yet to begin.
I can feel your touch from a thousand miles away,
I can love you from an enchanted place,
Caught within the beauty of our own minds.
My wishes paid off,
After years of using them on you,
You're finally here.
The glow of your smile,
The love of your touch,
Stuck in the figments of my imagination.
Someday soon though,
The miles will dwindle down.
The smiles will grow,
And the frowns will disappear.
True love can see through distance,
True love can see through beliefs.
True love is you and me.

The End

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