Dear You

Dear You

The girl that held the universe in her eyes

You tried you best to help people

Even when you wanted to die

Dear you

The boy with the sad smile and curly hair

Every word they said hurt you

But you acted like you didnt care

Dear you

The trangender girl that people called he

They called you the name you hated

The signs were there, they just didnt see

Dear you

The beautiful one with the colorful mind

The one whos colors are hidden

The one thats always left behind

You matter more than you may think

Youre the one who stands tall

The one whos always sitting on the brink

Stop letting the world make you feel so small

One day you wont be filled with fear

One day your worries will be gone

Dont worry too much because that day is near

You just have to keep holding on

The End

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