Dear teacher

a poem addressed to a teacher

Dear teacher

If you feel that you are not only working for a living,

                                but also for a  mission

If in a society that values the quantity

                                             you're still fighting for quality

If you are thrown from enthusiasm to despair

                                   and you're still full of care

If after all the changes and upheavals

                                                    you're still an information retrieval

If you have broken your back to the academisation's  inverters, the salaries' inflation and the childhood diseases of integration 

                                                               but you're still staying in the same location

If your students treat you like a database of less than half a Megabyte,

                                                                          but you still look at them through a different sight


If you simultaneously an educator, judge, counselor and a comedian, a wall of tears, psychologist, priest confession and an artist

If you enjoy a lesson you teach and dream of higher places to reach.

If every day you are planting a seed which is there to grow and succeed

if you never tire, never breathe fire  always inspire and push  higher



Then my friend,

You're the best school's hire

Never, should you retire

You, I really admire


Today you certainly belong to the elite, for all you've done

Although your mission isn't over, it isn't complete, you're number one!!


The End

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