Dear Mommy,

This is a Christmas poem I wrote for my mom, she's really special, plus I really want to make her cry. I would really like some quick feedback, since I have to give it to her tomorrow XP

Dear Mommy,

I sit here in my bed, trying hard to fall asleep.

I'm thinking thoughts of you, and I begin to weep.

For those times when I've been mad, and lashed out at you.

And then I cry some more, but now I'm laughing too.

I laugh and think about, all the memories that we've had,

And yet, even thought most of them are good and not bad,

I can't help but feel, inside my heart, a great little loss,

When I think of those bad memories when I have made you cross,

Because I've wasted precious minutes of time spent with you,

Yelling and screaming, and saying many things that are untrue.

But now my thoughts are happy, and I giggle with no tears.

For that list we're still on, and probobaly will be for years,

For the inside jokes we've shared, some bad and some good.

And oh how many times I've wished to hit her with some wood.

But I know you'll always love me, right until the end,

You're a mother, and a helper but especially a friend.

So, my dear mommy, I say to you this year,

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, They're always good when you are here.

The End

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