You look around the room-


they see it too.

You keep trying to break me down,

and you're always pushing me around.

But Mama, you're sadly mistaken,

I'll keep carrying on.

You can't shut me up-

I'm not done with my song.

Where's your heart?

Come on, Mom! YOU wrote your part.

Remember your lines.

Don't you love me like you say you do?

You want them to believe it too.

Can't you tell the truth?

We both know you're lying to yourself too.

Pretend all you want,

here's your magic wand.

But, I'm not fooled.

I hope you know it too.

I'll smile and put my arm 'round you.

Look! Your smile is leaving so soon.

Bet you didn't think I could play too.

So get on with the show,

it's getting rather late.

Right now, I love you,

but all I feel is hate.

The End

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