Dear Mom,Mature

I had to rewrite the series Dear Mom, and I added a few things to it too.

You were supposed to be there, to hold me when I cried.

You were supposed to comfort me;you weren't supposed to lie.

You were supposed to be there

for every soccer game,

for school dances,

for broken hearts and lost chances;

you were supposed to be there,

but most of all, you were supposed to care.

You could have called, you know, when you didn't come that Saturday.

Even though you promised,

I wouldn't have been that mad.

But, you didn't, and for that, I'm kind of glad.

See now, I know exactly who you are.

Instead of being here, with me, you'd rather be afar.

Being with your boyfriend,

or getting drunk with friends.

You don't even try at all,

you just sit and pretend.

To you, I don't matter,

just something for you to use.

But I'm tired of being played-

you lose.

Mom's are supposed to be love you,

they're supposed to braid your hair,

but all I wanted from you was to see you care.

The End

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