Dear Mama

A poem Dedicated to my Mama and all mothers because they raised generations and are responsible of the generations to come. Mothers carried men and women alike and raised us to be who we are today, a moment of silence for the mothers all around the world... Do your soul a favour and tell your Mom you love her. :)

Dear mama I was happy since the day you birthed me

Saying your Name ever since I was earthly 

At the age of one was Crawling on my first feet

Empty mind consciences 

Reckless on my path of youth not knowing the consequence 

Scream and tumbling saying Nonsense 

I was a little boy raise to handle a tough liven

I'm trained like a sharp knife cutting through hatred

you better treat my mom right.

In the winter you would always keep my scarf tight

When I was scared of the dark you would be my night light

Your face glows like the ocean in the moonlight 

At the age of two I took my first step

saying "Mama" 

Trying to compliment your complexation 

all that came out was gugu gaga

I remember you lullabies 

lalalalala it gave me butterflies 

you are the perfect role model you never taught lies

dear mama you got the perfect eyes

you always saw through lies

you always degraded hatred like "Sit down boy it aint nothing to play wit"

I was never playless, always payless 

You always thought me to keep ahead in the future

ignore the parasites, and keep my pair a sights on the future

Tried my best to keep my mama happy because a sad face didn't suit her

Dear mama

I will always love you

The End

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