Dear Leader (The Corrupted)

This poem speaks against corrupted leaders that caused his nation to suffer under poverty.

I have big concern

About my country, my people, my loved ones

They are dying in poverty

They are dying for nothing

Just to feed your pockets

Just you feed your big belly

I am jealous because your belly is bigger than mine

You have more fats than mine

You are blessed enough to have more foods

Your gross income is more than a million

But I do not think that you are really feeding us

I do not think so, despite your claim that you did so

You scolded us for not being thankful

I do not care that, I care about what are you doing now

Your corruption, your deceit, your publicity

You are even famous than Hollywood celebrities

I should make a documentary about you

Your house, your money, your property, your wives

Excuse me, did I said ‘wives’? Where are my manners?

Too bad I gave those to grandmas

So how many wives do you have?

Let me guess: Blackberry, Jet Plane, US dollar bills, Companies and your big belly

I am sorry but I do not think that you have a human wife because she is your queen

She kicked you and she slapped you because your are old and weak

That is right, you are weak

Weak enough to fight corruption, weak enough to fight greed and status

Have you forgotten that this country is under God?

This country is belongs to the people, for the people and by the people

Your father did not owned this land, he lived in this land

Remember my words until the day you die

Because when you die, the people will laugh at you

They will tell your stories of how evil you once lived

How cruel you were towards the people

How arrogant, selfish, greedy you were

How hypocrite you were

May God have mercy on your soul that you will know the truth and understand it

Comprehend fully, hold to the truth and the truth will set you free

The End

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