I am more than solid
I'm myself, me
in seventeen
And I sing
as songs are flowers
and your words are guilt free.
I'm dreaming in open eyes
with a laugh like ripe fruit
and, smile,smile
the weather is better
outside yourself.
onward,branch and sunset
inward,bread and water
those little kisses
so fluent in goodbye
underneath streets in light
those heart struck eyes
And I peel away to a
better place
We made magic
in between my fingers.
but now I am still,
as honest like the open
promised making
this painless
ran away with
me and my ambition
So when
the stars explode the stereo
and my eyes are in your direction
swinging towards
something just past my mind.
Remember, the pavement
how it welcomes us
to how it's supposed to be.

The End

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