Dear Heather

About my girlfriend

So, it's 7:55 and this it what my mind begins to create. I see how the birds fly and i see the colour of the sky but not once have I stopoed and wonder why,
until I saw you face it was in a beculiar place because see i wasn't Cristian but it was at a church
I only went cause I saw you enter first and I craved you so much like a thirst
I had to talked to you before my chest burst.
Around a year later we got together, it didn't work so we split
I think that was the worst thing I ever did,
after years of moping around I was picked up off the ground because I found
you were back in my life it was like a bad story was read and then read twice to find it was worth all the price.
I dont know alot about paradice but I know it wouldnt mean a thing if me and you wasnt wearing matching rings
because if you dont have that one person in your life I dont think you could get any closer to paradice
but everyday I am getting when step closer because I have heather she keeps me warm in the Winter and happy during the Summer
she's my neccesity without her well.. I wouldn't be me
i just hope one day she will see I cant enter my utopia if we arnt together.

The End

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