"the belief that gods are only deified men"

and i suppose 
everything human must be human

how can we create anything that differs from us

if our gods were only men 
flesh and blood and fragile bone
would we be able to believe in them

because it is the rule 
the fundamental knowledge of our species
that we are flawed

and we make mistakes

mistakes that blow up the world in heat and fire 
gunshots tearing through ribcages 
icarus falling into the embrace of the sea

back turned to the sun 
his first love a failed one

we breathe in smoke and powder
our bodies trying desperately to stay alive 
and we wage wars where we kill to the sound of a trumpet

i ask you 
what god would justify our actions

so it makes sense, i guess. 
that our god, gods would have to be human 
men of muscle and skeletons 
(men, men, i suspect much of our gods are women and people that belong to neither
if they can transcend the boundary of deification they can transcend gender)

because to be able to stomach what we have done 
the dirt in our mouths and under our nails 
all of our mistakes tattooed into our genetic makeup 
the stars rebelling above us in primal instinct to get away
before we self-destruct as a species - 

of course our gods would have to be human. 

The End

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