project to get out of my writer's block :/
words from here:

"the denial of gods from mythology and legend" 

and i think
we do this even now 

blind ourselves to the gods of our modern-day 
the girl who sits next to me in english
and practically radiates constant panic and a sweet, sunny disposition
who compliments me just because she thinks of it 
and is as tactile with me as i am with her 

she is RS, 
and i know her well

like hestia, 
the kind of god that steps down so others can step up 
quietly evaluating her worth 
the friend of all and enemy of none 
a clever political maneuver to stay safe from the battleground 
though by her, it is not meant as such

she does not see herself that way, though. 

doesn't see the delicate godliness that twines its way through her bones 
the curl of her fingers 
the laugh sticking in her throat 

and in denial RS sinks, 
sinks and sinks and sinks 
drinking in her surroundings while her head dips under the water 
liquid resting on the shelf of her cheekbones

but it is alright - 
she is a likeable god. 

if she cannot keep herself afloat, 
others will do it for her.

we do not deny her place in the stars. 

The End

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