My Not-So-Dear Friend

Your life isn't peppered with exciting events

You haven't fallen in rivers or got drunk in tents

That 'hot' guitarist never replied

On no occasion you 'nearly died'

The bands that you like are just like the rest

Yet you question me on mine, like it's some kind of test

The more un-cool you are, the harder you try

Laugh far too loudly, always claim to be high

You pick up and drop your disposable friends

Switch between them quickly, just like a change in trends

London, Canada, but nobody near

Surprising, why can't you get so many here?

My not so dear friend,

I know that you lie

Your stories are false

You don't even try

My un-trusted friend,

You talk without grace

I am not simple minded,

Do not lie to my face.

The End

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