Dear Father

A personal poem describing abandonment

I don’t wish you would’ve stayed

I just wish you we’re consistent in being gone

Funny how you never noticed me

Until I decided to be the successful one

You spoke only on my progress and how proud I made you

But you were never there to help me and yet I still forgave you

I still let you claim me as one of your upmost treasures

Even though you never had enough time for us to spend together

I don’t know why you think you’re allowed to be proud of all I’ve done

You were never there for me since my life begun

You left when I was one.

Someone else filled your shoes and played that part

But rest assure I hold no resentment in my heart.

From you and your chains I am finally free.

I can be happiest now accepting that you never wanted me.

Every heart break and every melt down that you never helped me through

I don’t think I could ever be even more disappointed in you.

I thought you were supposed to show me how I was to be treated

But instead you showed me how love was something I never needed.

The End

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