Dear Father

This goes to Terry Tabor AKA father

Dear Father, may I ask you for a reason,

Why you left me alone, did I deserve your treason?

Can you really not see what you have done to me,

Or are you afraid to see the man you used to be?

I used to look up to you,  you were my dad,

You gave me a reason to always feel glad.

Times change and you changed for worse,

You make me want to be the one in a hearse.

I sit in my room and ponder this question in life,

How come you never made mother your wife?

you claimed you loved her, and loved the child too,

Then why did you leave us broken and bruised?

So father, do me a favor and listen to this question,

If i killed myself because of you, would it teach you a lesson?

or would you simple act like nothing has changed,

and simply say mother was to blame?

The End

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