Dear Diary

Dear Diary,      


Dear diary, who hears my thoughts in the solitude of my room,

You take in my heart so that my heart might not consume .    



Or be consumed as it may in the depths of my plight,

Where in my suffering my peers find delight.



Dear diary, who listens intently to each word,

You take in my heart and never call it absurd.



For absurdities surround me and the insults burn like fire,

And I know of the plots about to transpire.        



Dear diary, who sacrifices its contents to my will,

You take in my soul while my blood doth spill.        



The abuse has escalated more than my constitution can handle,

And I know on my grave, none will leave even a candle.      



Dear diary, who has learned of my thoughts from the beginning,

You ease my burdened head while my world is still spinning.        




I am spiraling inevitably and there is no turning back.      



Dear diary, farewell,

My world is fading to black.

The End

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