Dealings With The Devil

If you've got talent,
He'll come.
If you want to make a deal,
He'll be there.
If you think you can escape,
He's laughing at you.
Once he's got you in his claws,
He won't ever let you go.
You'll find him at the crossroads,
A graveyard,
Or anywhere else no one in their right mind willingly goes.
He's a man dressed in black,
With a rather fancy hat.
He'll only show if you have something he likes.
It could be talent,
Your body,
Even a vice.
He only wants your soul,
And once he's got you in his clutches, he'll never let you go.
Don't ever make a deal with him,
For they can't ever be changed,
He always ends out on top,
With your soul,
Your body,
Your mind,
While the hellhounds always chase you,
Never giving you a moments rest.
He's got the perfect smile,
The smile of a champion,
For he never loses,
Not once,
Not ever.
He goes by many names,
Yet calls himself Lucifer.
Dealings with Lucifer are never won.
Only he gets the good side,
While your life is gone.
Lucifer will do whatever he has to to get what he wants.
He'll never give up,
Just keep waiting,
Like a spider sitting in its web.
Never make dealings with the devil,
Because once he's got you in his hands,
You're nothing but a block of clay,
And him at the wheel.
So stay away from crossroads,
And graveyards,
And never ever make dealings with a man who's smile is snow white,
Don't make dealings with the devil.

The End

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