Deadly PoisonMature

You look into my eyes, and what do you see?

You're intoxicated by the deadly poison,

So you can't see that it's jelousy.

Laced with wine as red as crimson.


It's a deadly poison, made from my hatred,

Gathered up with all my bad emotions.

It's mixed with all the intoxicating acids,

That resulted from your exquisite actions.


You lie there, shaking on the ground,

Convulsing with every little breath of air.

Now that I see it, baby, I'm hell bound.

But it's funny to see you, watching you stare.


Now that you are dead,

I'm sitting here laughing off my head.

I may be hellbound, but baby it was worth it.

Adios, baby. It's time to leave this world.

The End

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