Why cant I find you

A boy whose mother died when he was in his teenage. He used to make fun of her about the kind of works she does all day. But as she is gone, he feels the isolation. He feels the lack of care,tenderness,joy and immense love which he used to get from morning 6 am till night 10 pm. He feels this...............

Where are you? where are you?

Oh! radiant beams of sun

Oh! all the chores been undone!!

Oh! my mother here I come.

Why cant i find you in your places?

Why cant you be found on your traces?

Cant those things be the same?

I am sorry I thought you were game.

Oh! who would tell me to brush my teeth?

Who would tell me to properly eat?

Why cant i find you in your place ?

Why cant i come over your place?

Why? Oh mother why?

Why did you go away from me?

Was i trying to hurt you?

Were you trying to curl me?

Oh mother had i respected you earlier

I wont have to see you hanging on wall like a warrior

The End

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