Dead Mother's Son

A feeling of a boy whose mother has gone away from him ....away to a place where he can't go and from where she can't come back
the between these two souls lead to the barrier of communication .

Where are you?Where are you?

Oh! radiant beam of sun,

Oh! all the chores been done,

Mother,here I come.

Why can't I find you in your places?

Why can't you be in your places?

can't the things ever be the same,

When you know,I was lame.

Oh! Who would tell me to wash my face?

Who would tell me to tie my lace?

Why can't I find you in the places?

Why can't I come over your places?

Now I repent for all that I have done

Oh mother! now can't you come?

Waiting I am in the kitchen

To see you do your work in proper friction.

Looking for your traces left behind,

In a despair I would have sighed

but that doesn't end our connection,

wait there mommy till i meet my expiration.

But till then what will I do 

Do I have to wash the sink 

Or clean the flush in one blink

All I need to say,

                    "  love you mom"

The End

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