The Final FallMature

A ring of death around my throat,

blind to the world and to the fall,

no final words or sweet good byes,

no sealing kiss to end it all.


Hatred like molases in the air,

so thick and sweet to a baying crowd,

the lead act in this hideous farce,

I take my bow and wait my shroud.


The bell high in the village tower,

begins its knells and calls the noon,

A black hooded man takes careless stance,

one lever pull away from doom.


Time stops as thunder claps the hour,

the ground beneath my feet gives way,

I feel the rush, contort and scream,

no breath comes in my final sway.


One prayer before the curtain draws,

I swear in the death I shall return,

A monster birthed by heartless hands,

my wrath will a monster quicky learn.


My lungs collapse, no more to give,

I skirt the the rim of the abyss,

my body now a ruined shell,

sweet death gives me my sealing kiss.


A promise made will be fulfiled,

I turn as mist back to the light,

two souls now vowed upon return,

from snuffed out candle new flame burns bright.




The End

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