• I'm dead,
  • I died in bed.
  • I'm at rest,
  • That's what happened when I messed with the best.
  • I'm dead,
  • My clothes were blood red.
  • Time to put you to the test,
  • I was the best.
  • I'm dead,
  • I lost my head.
  • The axe chopped,
  • My head dropped.
  • I'm dead,
  • I lost my teddy, Ted.
  • He was headless,
  • So he became useless.
  • I'm dead,
  • My neck was red.
  • I was throttled,
  • I was totaled.
  • I'm dead,
  • I had a warm bed.
  • I was hung,
  • I lost my tongue.
  • I'm dead and I'll stay dead,
  • So don't cry by my empty bed.
The End

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