is this it?
a tiger tail star
that starts to blossom bright,

a Catherine wheel that fails to ignite 

a pinch of sulphur and potassium nitrate,
this cocktail of traits, fired by fight
(that gentle ignition of your common house match)
I'm a fist of powder in a shell,
I'm a fist of nothing about to swell
I'm alight and I can't start to tell you all that I am
(my embers rain in a pitiful memory storm of a once golden night.)

yeah, just a rocket that failed to take flight.

yeah, just those fifteen of fame
burnt into your eyes
like a phosphorescent stain

fire me forward!
give me flight!
shoot me into the Hollywood sign!

I'd go down in style,
I'd go up in flames,
I burnt down Hollywood!

...yeah, they'd remember my name. 

The End

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