Days Get Longer

These spent hours flow too slow.

Light earlier, light later.

Long days phase in, bringing with it the absence of thought.

The highway feels too gray,

I need white.

Too much soft clay melting at my feet.

A race of the timed shadows held up to the circling light.

Bring to light their endless night.

Let them pass into day.

Apathetic worship of Apathetic Gods too lazy to give us our place.

We're all waiting for the sun to unravel,

to show us the eye we always knew was dormant underneath.

I swear I think less than the day that I was born.

The truth is,

the sun always shines brightest in the dawn.


Like the worms in the drainpipe,

unknown but there.

The battle inside our bodies rage between the light and dark.
A constant shift of paradoxical arguments and iron rich blood.

Moving in sync.

Metallic shreds left inside my brain.

Making me feel as if I'm not the same.

Trying too hard to forget what they taught me,

Just trying too hard.

They say I'm quiet,

but they speak nothing of substance.


We're living with a constant hum from lost beings.
Drifting in and out of the void.

Let the hum become one with who you really are.
Just fade into the games, aren't they fun to play?


"Aren't they fun?"

Says the sun.

The End

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