daymares playing like daytime tv, reflected terrors in the reflection of my retinas

//trigger warnings for blood, nightmares, loss of movement, gore, insects

my nightmares are tired demons, 
dancing the same dance they always do
because even the worst parts of myself have exhausted themselves

the last one was me, 
standing in a small shower 
the walls grimy white tile 

a thick gown hung on my frame 
dark purple and soaked with water 
so much so that it was dead weight over my body 
dragging me down so that i couldn't move

the only exposed limbs being my gooseflesh arms 
free from fabric and so pale they practically glowed in the darkness

and as i stood there, 
paralyzed by a heavy dress and tangible fear, 
the drain began to bubble black liquid

and as it became clearer
it was evident that it wasn't liquid - 

it was insects. 

millions upon billions of tiny black bugs 
tiny legs and eyes 
streaming out and up my frame 
frozen in place

they crawl into my eyesockets
dislodge the wide, pale blue moon globes, 
and squirm in the empty cavities of my skull

with that,
i am able to move my arms for the first time in the dream, 
reaching up to dislodge what i think is something stuck in my teeth

but when i place my fingers over them, 
i find myself tugging 
pulling pulling pulling

until they come free with a wet, sickening crack, 
blood dribbling slowly down my chin 
drops invisible in the darkly colored fabric of my dress

and i am surrounded 
by wet, ugly blood
and discarded teeth hanging from my jaw and clinking delicately 
against the dirty shower floor 

as the water beats down 
as the gown keeps me stock still 
and the bugs swarm up, up, up-

and my body is suddenly a puppet. 

The End

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