Daylight's Parasites

Those in developed countries often take for granted what many other people couldn't imagine in their short, brutal lives. We struggle for faith, despite ourselves wondering what our creator really is and why we suffer.
Yet there is also the question of why humans add to burdens by perpetuating war and isolating ourselves from others. It has always been true that though suffering is dreadful, empathy and strength is often born from it.
The poem is divided between different perspectives. There

So this is where Fate leaves us

Doughy faces twist in confusion, fright

Frozen smiles wither at the corners

Ash confetti decorates a summer night

Party favors from a God

With a bad sense of humor

Gemstone dragonflies glitter in the sun; dart and dare

Their days are numbered but they don't care

Lost treasures will soon be strewn

Before the mud hides them from the sun

Sepia skies marred and bruised

Flimsy sanctuaries shake as death looks in

The sirens stir loose old sediment

Announcing the end?

No, the beginning

All over again


Dreaming of tropical heavens

In a room of dust and thwarted ambition

Drowsy requiems in an egg shell of regret

Electrified fences keep the wolves away

Pretty little pills drive off the dragon of pain

Glowing faraway voices tell

Truths among lies, and adoration of the latter

Languid suffocation

Dying a little more each day

Fearing everything but daylight's parasites

And the ants march march march

In their eternal servitude

And everyone goes on with their lives

The End

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