Daydream Slobber

dozes off, mind wanders, and awakes to a surprise

This flows, I want to say fluently,

 But what do I know,

Soon I'll get side tracked,

First I must,

Rest my head on this pillow,

Let me think quickly,

Here I go,

I should not bother telling this one,

What the heck,

I'll be brave,

This reminds me of,

My previous effort,

It had to do with something,

No, not just something,

It was definitely a someone,

A random encounter,

Another devious blunder,

Looking back at it,

It was quite a surprise,

A good one in a sense,

I shall surrender now,

Her name i must sunder,

Clueless Lee,

Let me tell you some about her,

Oh, I'll tell you all about her,

I should think better,

Of it, I know now,

It may be something nasty,

Buzzing and Bumbling,

Fumbling and Tumbling,

Bustling and Bursting,

I'll tell you, that is her tongue,

Always soggy from bountiful residue,

Saliva it is, no! I'll think better,

 Close my eyes, And think of my Lover,

Tastily slobbery,

It is her sugary sweet honey,

Mine to be,

Oh my, I dare you to,

I giggle with a gurgle,

Sweet sweet honeybee,

Suddenly shes on top of me,

my god, she has claws,

get off of me!

soon enough i realize,

Confirmed with my eyes, lies,

it is not to be,

teasing honeybee,

She has left me,

the scent has tripped me,

the lily I put in her ear,

hinders me, parallel thoughts,

why do you riddle with me?,

shame on you,


you never cease to sting me,

poor clueless lee,

has given me notice, of her cavity,

I'll go now,

I've remembered too much,


The End

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