Day or Night?

Day at heart, night at mind. What is yours, youst to be mine, we shair grate memmories to be passed on. FRIENDS, is what we get called but what are we really? I youst to think we  would be FRIENDS FOREVER but reality hit us and tour us apart and never put us back together.

Sunny days, rainy nights, having short pillow fights. Eating ice cream with marshmellows on top. Yum yum yum, please dont hate me because of the crew because i don't and wont hate you! FRIENDS i thought stayd together, my FRIENDS and you have conflict. I carn't cope watching our FRIENDSHIP die. From pre school to high school our FRIENDSHIP has lasted, let us both try not to sail to far apart from eachother. You are a GRATE FRIEND and i hope it will stay that way till death separates us! because i have learnt your MY FRIEND FOREVER! x

The End

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