Day of the Dove

Personal experience is sometimes the best thing to draw from as a writer. In memory of someone I once loved, and lost. Life is sometimes a bittersweet moment. Yet if we share it with others, the bitter may also become sweet.

The shadows in my memory
Took me for a walk one day
Far from restless circumstance
And the dues I had to pay

Through the cold and snowy streets
I made my way alone
Looking for my sanity
And a way to lose the stone

There I saw her passing by
Like an angel in a dream
Though I wasn't sure at first
familiar did she seem

She took a look at me and said
Are you someone I should know
The mist between us lifted
And a smile began to show

Day of the dove
The years and tears between
Have failed to dim your beauty
And your eyes of emerald green

Why did you leave
Tell me why you let me go
When the seeds of love you planted
Had just begun to grow

We walked together for a while
Not sure of what to say
Dancing madly backwards
In a quest for yesterday

She looked at me in sadness
As she sought me to embrace
I held her close against me
As she gently touched my face

She talked about her feelings
Deep within she held for years
She cut me to the quick inside
I couldn't hide the tears

Day of the dove
now our times have come and gone
Do we understand the reasons
Are they words without a song

The End

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